Retail media
The 3rd wave
of digital


For retailers and brands, a massive opportunity

With the end of third-party cookies: it’s critical to leverage retailers’ 1st party data and loyalty programmes, for brands to deliver personalised advertising.

Retailers are constantly looking for new revenue streams to sustain their ecom business.

Brands have a strong need to reach visitors at the exact moment of purchase to make an immediate link between their marketing actions and uplift in sales.

The 3rd wave
of digital

Graph 2008-2023


In media spend worldwide

TV spend

by 2025 in the US for CPG players

High margin

revenue (>50%) for retailers

Main challenges
in Europe

Europe and
Latam are
but still limited by
key challenges


which limit the impact of retail media activations.


Diverse retailers with less scale, which lowers investments.


Multiple technology and reporting capabilities, which creates difficulties in how brands buy and compare.

The challenge
we are
trying to solve

Retailer market share (excl GAFA)


Retail media market share

e-commerce market share


unlimitail, the retail media powerhouse for retail media in Continental Europe and Latam

unlimitail is bringing to Europe and Latin America the same scale, connectivity and consistency that is behind the retail media boom in the U.S.

By combining the market’s most advanced technologies, 'CitrusAd powered by Epsilon', with Carrefour Links’ retail media knowledge and expertise, our new venture as a comprehensive media player addresses the entire retail media value chain across continental Europe, Brazil and Argentina.